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Powerful data visualisations

You need to know how your global travel program is performing. But staring at spreadsheets and reading bulky reports is time-consuming and error-prone. Swiss Data Technologies brings powerful data visualizations to help you understand your travel program’s performance quickly, so that you can act decisively.

On-demand reports 

Keep the pulse of your travel program with on-demand reports, delivered on a scheduled broadcast basis. Dive into your global travel expenditures and monitor your organisation’s policy adherence with our detailed reporting views. At a glance, our reports feature:

  • Index figures, including year-over-year comparisons
  • Total savings per month, per traveler
  • Easily filter spend by divisions, accounts, and travelers
  • Easily filter savings by smart ticketing, bilaterals, back-to-backs, and market fares 
  • Quick list of out-of-policy travellers for each country

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