Data consolidation

All your global travel data in one place

Swiss Data Technologies is unique in being able to consolidate all your global travel data into one place automatically, without having to synchronise between multiple reservation systems. This means you can maintain your local connections and report on your travel program with confidence, knowing that you have the complete picture in front of you.


Safe storage

Our platform captures data from a variety of sources, including GDS and your local agencies’ back-office systems. Local agencies install a secure data feed to the data warehouse. Every day, a uniform data field is sent to our data center, exclusively created for your organisation. All data is standardized, consolidated, and stored in our own data warehouse in Geneva. Safely and securely.


Agency support for quality data

Our services are all about data quality. That is why we guide your local agencies on every step of the way. We provide them with a strict manual allowing them to build a data transmission interface in-house. Only after thorough testing a newly built interface will be granted our certification, ensuring you of the best insights.