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Swiss Data Technologies

Control and transparency

Swiss Data Technologies specialises in data capture and data consolidation from various travel suppliers. It enables corporate headquarters to maintain valuable relations in local markets with local travel suppliers but get professional daily insight in spendings on a global level with ultra user friendly graphics.  

Our systems have been developed for corporate headquarters seeking maximum of control and transparency. The systems have been developed in such a way that local contacts are valued. This means that your company will benefit from its local contacts and simultaneously gather uniform data towards a global platform. The strength of our methodology is its easy way of implementation and its global compatibilities to all majorly used back office systems.  The result is comprehensive insight in spending analysis of all countries by means of easy readable graphics and tables. It will give your company the ultimate tool to professionally control and steer towards your preferred suppliers.

undefinedLarge multinationals use our applications to capture and consolidate travel-spending data and use it to objectively measure the performance of their travel program. This, in turn, allows them to reduce costs while focusing on delivering excellent traveler care. Contact us today to review the challenges you face and ways SDT can help you to improve the management of travel costs through technology-based solutions.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Measurement is key

Measurement is key to professional Travel Managent on a global scale. Quick insight in spending, saving, and missed saving analysis per country and per business unit, are unsurpassed performance indicators for top mananagment.  

We will help you to install a Global Travel Policy which can be monitored on a daily basis. We can also help you with professional advice on how to change your policy in conformity with the corporate targets.

Features of some reports include

  • Index figures with “Year to year comparisons”.
  • Total Savings per month including travellers.
  • Quick lists per country of travellers who travelled “out of policy”.
  • Easy filters to display spend by division, accounts and travellers.

SDT is a leading travel data technology provider, offering more business intelligence systems and process automation. We provide a data platform for multinationals, easy accessible and with daily updates.