Global Travel Management

Corporate head offices share a growing need for a global travel program both from a controlling and a financial perspective. 

In various countries however the cost of travel expenses is mostly distributed over various suppliers. Additionally, various countries apply a travel policy in a variety of ways. This interferes with insight and control.

A move towards a centralised supplier or a uniform global player may lead to various challenges:

  • Cultural differences
  • Currency differences
  • Bilateral deals to be issued in the country of origin only
  • Loss of Smart Ticketing savings
  • Time consuming and expensive tender project
  • Most countries to change to another supplier.

Above aspects will challenge your project.

Challenge your project

The solution: Global Travel Management with SDT

The aim of the Global Travel Management Program of Swiss Data Technology was to create a solution which allows you to fully benefit from the local contacts, local deals and the local Smart Ticketing savings and simultaneously capture and consolidate the data of your various suppliers in the various countries into a reliable data warehouse. 

Professional reports

undefinedThe solution allows you to stay with the local suppliers in all countries saving you the challenges as described, securing the savings with the local deals and local smart ticketing solutions, but to fully achieve the goals of your corporate headoffice by consolidating the data of all suppliers and give your management insight in spendings of all countries with professional reports. The system provides data consolidation, lightning-fast insight, allows for control, and generates much better results.  Due to its uncomplicated implementation, the system also creates much more in-house support.


The system has the following advantages:

  • No need for an expensive and time consuming tender process
  • All countries stay with their local agent
  • Benefit from the local deals and local agreements
  • Usage of local Smart Ticketing facilities
  • Quicker implementation
  • Cheaper implementation
  • More inhouse suppert within your company
  • Ultra quick insight by nice graphics

The installation is generated with the installation of a secure data feed from the local agency towards the data warehouse.  Every day, it sends a uniform data field to our data centre exclusively created for your company.  It is connected to a special website exclusively for your company which produces ultra-user-friendly graphics, which are only accessible to you.

Superfast and daily insight

As a result, the management of your company will have superfast and daily insight into the expenses of the various countries. At a single glance, it is possible to see (who in) which country is not in compliance with travel policy and what costs are consequently missed. It is easy to then take action. The consolidated data also underpin a possible agreement based on volume.

Total solution

The total solution can be executed quickly, cheaply, and time-efficiently.  It is effective and leads to only minimal in-house turmoil. The end-result is better than a joint agent for all branches, since the local agreements are much better and long-lasting supplier relationships do not need to be gratuitously broken off. We believe that Global Travel Management consists of local power with local deals and local smart ticketing together with Global Data.

Quickly, cheaply and time-efficiently

The Management Information

Management information is essential to effectively manage travel policy compliance, assist with budgeting, forecasting, developing future strategies and controlling costs for all areas of travel related expenditure.

Delivering superior service

In today’s global business environment, corporate travel management is much more than getting travelers from “A to B” on time, and on budget.  Effectively managing corporate travel—regionally or globally—requires an innovative partner capable of delivering superior service excellence for both travelers and travel managers.

We’ve invested in creating innovative applications that automate many of the most complex aspects of the data management processes.

We also offer an array of services designed to integrate new and existing technology in ways that better address our clients' particular needs.

Safe Harbor

The Management information is captured from a data management platform which mines travel data from a variety of sources, including GDS and back-office systems. The data is standardized, consolidated and warehoused in our Safe Harbor, our own data warehouse.  

Our customers derive significant value from the Platform as it allows them to consolidate data from global markets, view travel spend, identify trends, monitor policy adherence and improve profitability

Our reporting delivers various on-demand reports on a scheduled broadcast basis. With the report you can focus on Spend Analysis, Supplier Management, Policy/Risk Management, Activity Management, Spend Management, Reconciliation Analysis and Agency Productivity.

undefinedCarbon Reporting

New is our Carbon Reporting. This new feature gives you access to CO2 emissions calculations based upon trip details.