About Swiss Data Technologies

Swiss Data Technologies is the next evolution in on-demand travel management intelligence. Travel agents serving your company in various countries deliver uniform data to our Data Warehouse. This is done by building various interfaces towards back office systems. The delivered data is consolidated and transformed into graphics to get professional and quick insight for busy travel professionals who need answers, not complexity. 

Summary reports

We empower managers to generate summary reports providing a snapshot of overall spend. These consolidated views of the organization's data can be an invaluable assistant in making more informed decisions when negotiating supplier contracts, establishing policy requirements, and identifying preferred providers.

Platform for multinationals

Features of some reports include:

  • Index figures with “Year to year comparisons”.
  • Total Savings per month including travellers.
  • Quick lists per country of travellers who travelled “out of policy”.
  • Easy filters to display spend by division, accounts and or  travellers.

Platform for multinationals

SDT is a leading travel data technology provider, offering more business intelligence systems and process automation. We provide a data platform for multinationals, easy accessible and with daily updates.


Action, focus and commitment

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive cost out of our clients businesses by effectively leveraging our vast travel domain expertise in meaningful ways to solve client and market problems.


We focus on perpetual and sustainable value for clients.


We strive for excellence through action, focus and commitment.